Payments Solution

All-in-one solution
Built from ground up and completely owned by us, the Payment Platform is our robust platform on which all our products are built. With multiple omnichannel gateway options, risk management, direct connections to the most important card schemes, the Payment Platform optimises availability and performance.
the new standard in digital payments
Intelligent Routing
Control your transaction flow, route transactions between multiple acquirers with complete flexibility. Save significantly on the FX and processing fees and increase your acceptance rates.
QR And Payment Link
Easily create and share payment links across Email, SMS, social media apps. to receive payments instantly. Embed QR codes or links in all your Social Media campaigns online and offline. Integrates seamlessly into your ecosystem without any development.
Split Payments
Split the cost of products, services, and subscriptions online with friends and relatives. Split purchase evenly or adjust amounts on a per person basis. Now easily split payments.
Innovative Payment Solutions
One-Tap Payment for Digital Wallets Providers
The One-Tap payment comes with an intuitive in-app experience for customers and a monitoring and management app for the merchants.
Risk Management
Protect your transactions from fraud and prevent chargebacks before they even happen with our solutions. Our risk engine which provides real-time decisions based on machine learning, predictive analysis and business rule algorithms.
Automated Reconciliation

Reconciliation is no more a challenge with our Automated Reconciliation. Focus on giving your customers the best experience while we automate the process of reconciliation and settlement for you.

simplify payment acceptance
Multiple Payment Methods And Integrations
We support all major payment methods all over the globe. No limitations on payments whatsoever
Fast Onboarding
Go live quickly in a few simple steps with a completely online onboarding and no physical paperwork
Easy Integration
With plugins for all major platforms and languages, integrate and go live with AlfaSapp IT in less than an hour
API Driven
Build your business for scale with our complete API-driven automation that requires zero manual intervention
Fraud Prevention
Don't lose customers because of cumbersome fraud tools. Get your transactions approved and fight fraud in real-time
Data Security
It's vital to choose a technology partner that doesn't leave you exposed. Our Platform is level 1 PCI Compliant
Simple Pricing
Our innovative payment solution with competitive pricing make payments simpler
Best In Industry Support
Always available email, phone, and chat-based support to help you in your every step
Dashboard Reporting
Real-time data and insights on your AlfaSapp IT dashboard to make informed business decisions
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